A comic with four panels. The first panel [top left] features three people with brown skin, wearing shorts and t-shirts. They stand on boxes that are all the same size, and watch a baseball game from behind a fence. The tallest person and medium-height person appear to be able to see over the fence, but the shortest person cannot. This is Equality.The second panel [top right] is the same, except now the box the tallest person was standing on is beneath the shortest person, and all appear to be able to see over the fence. This is titled Equity. The third panel [bottom left] has no boxes and no fence. All are cheering. This is titled Liberation. The fourth panel [bottom right] features the tallest person doing tactile interpreting for the medium-height person, who we realize is wearing dark glasses. This is titled Accessibility.

What is “accessible”? This might seem easy to answer, but in fact, it’s pretty difficult. An “accessible” parking spot isn’t accessible to most drivers. A technology that created “accessibility” 10 years ago may not work so well now for the same users. Interrogating what accessibility means shows us that creating accessibility is ongoing and requires updating, work, and creativity.

Access, Accommodations, and Everything Else

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